What You Can Expect With Our Administrative Support

Sharon Nicol - Founder of Timely VA

It All Begins With A Conversation

As with many therapists, I like to have a consultation with you before you open the heart and soul of your business to me. This initial video call is around 30 minutes. I am learning about the needs of your therapy clinic or private practice, and you’re trying to see if Timely seems like the type of company you can trust with all of your highly sensitive clients (and data).

After our call, I consider what I’ve heard about your needs, and my team’s current capabilities and availability. If I know we can support you properly, I’ll send over a Summary of Support – which is a brief write-up of what I heard your needs are, and how many hours I think we need a month to provide that.

If you like what I’ve passed your way – or if you need to shift the package suggested to something more aligned with your resources, we communicate via email and get those choices clarified.

Next Comes The Invoice and Agreement

We ask that you pay ahead of services beginning, but because it’s hard to predict how many hours you may end up needing, we offer roll over hours – so you always get what you’ve paid for.

The client agreement is to make sure that you understand what we can and cannot do for you, and a few fairly standard business terms, and there are no long term commitments required.

 On-boarding & Introductions!

Similar to an intake session. Our onboarding meetings take about 1 – 1.5 hours to complete. We want to make sure we know all your processes, how you like things done, and even what clients we should support with exceptional care and awareness. This is where you’ll meet your permanent VA! Your new virtual assistant will be that consistent support in your group or private practice. Another person who may join is your VA alternate – who is trained to step in should your permanent VA get sick or go on vacation (and heck – all admins deserve a good holiday once in a while!) We will talk about what the top priorities you want your new VA to work on. That could be tackling the outstanding invoices, organizing your Google workspace, uploading some new forms, or setting up new email templates ( this is all up to you and what is most important to you).


As your VA begins to learn your systems, you can expect to hear from them via email – Jane tasks – or through Google Chat. Whenever they are asking about clients, you can rest assured that they will only refer to them by their client ID number, or their first name/last initial – whatever feels best for you.

One thing that all Timely Employees know, is that it’s always better to ask than assume. We understand that communication is key in this industry (and really should be in any).

Are You Ready For More Clients And Less Time Sitting In Front Of The Computer?

Speaking of Your New VA - Meet The Amazing Timely Team

While Timely VA Services continues to grow, we are focused on sustainable growth, which means that our team is still at a boutique agency size. We are very choosy about who joins Timely (this is for your benefit, and for the importance of our work culture).

As administrative assistants who only work with therapists, we understand the importance of a warm, supportive touch when communicating with clients.

Along with bringing the personal touch to connecting with your clients, Timely employees are trained in medical confidentiality, know how to be sensitive when working on accounts receivable, and have a clear understanding about how to work with diverse members of Canada’s population.

Offering affirming, informed care from the first moment of contact is our top priority.

I can say with confidence that my employees care as much about supporting you with your private or group practices as I do. They get it, they see how hard you work and they want to give you some free time back into your day!

All Timely VA Employees Hold These Values.

  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Compassion & kindness to all who cross our path

Meet Melanie F.

Along with offering virtual administrative support for therapists, Melanie is also Timely’s office coordinator. She comes to our team with years of pre-pandemic remote work experience! Melanie has her BA in Psychology and has worked both in the service and medical administration industry.

What I love about Melanie is her warm sense of humour and her eagerness to learn and try new things!

Meet Kristina M.

Kristina is Timely’s on-boarding specialist, as well as being one of our most senior virtual assistants. With years of crisis line support experiences and being fluent in both French and English, Kristina is one of our most in-demand people. From an educational standpoint, Kristina has her BA in Psychology, Neuroscience and Mental Health. What I love about Kristina is her absolute rock solid ability to be calm under pressure, and the compassion and understanding she shows to all who cross her path.

Meet Alisha H.

Alisha H has been with Timely for closing on two years now and is another of our most senior virtual administrators. Prior to joining us at Timely, Alisha worked for Toronto’s public library system, and wow you should see her when she’s given a task that involved editing a spreadsheet or specialized form (a total wunderkind)!  Alisha has a BA in English and a minor in Psychology, and along with spreadsheets, she has a keen eye for editing and language in general (she knows a total of 4 different languages). What I love about Alisha is her curiosity, her talent as a teacher (she’s mentored my newer employees) and her wisdom in knowing when to ask for support, which, in the business of mental health, is a key skill to have.

Meet Kat V.


Kat V has been with Timely for several months now and has an almost preternatural gift for supporting therapy practices. Before joining Timely, she worked for a busy physiotherapy clinic in person. Currently, Kat is enrolled part time at McMaster University to pursue her Social Work degree. Her passion and curiosity for all things related to mental health is impressive (we chat a lot about the great books that have been published recently on somatic approaches). What I love about Kat is her ability to trust the process, with an acceptance that things will unfold as they should, as long as we do our part. She is someone who puts her whole heart into her work, which is something I truly appreciate.

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