Maryanne Nicholls

RP, Ontario

“Sharon has in my experience a rare talent – one of being able to write on behalf of Therapists in words that reflect who they are. In my years of working with writers and administrators as a therapist, I’ve never found someone like Sharon.

Timely Virtual Assistant Services took the stress of updating the contents off my website off my shoulders. She rewrote and updated each page in a way that was succinct and still felt authentic to my therapeutic approach and personality”.

Heidi Sturgeon

Founder of Heidi Sturgeon & Associates

“ Timely VA’s services have allowed me to have social media content for all my social platforms posted on a regular basis. Sharon and her employees’ attention to detail means the posts are consistent with my brand and authentic to my clinical practice.

Sharon’s business approach is professional, organization, extremely efficient.  She has great writing skills and knowledge about online therapy practices which helps her to write in a way that really speaks to potential clients. 

As a group practice owner, I’ve also benefited from Sharon and her staff supporting me with my associate onboarding process for new therapists as well as helping with an assessment of my processes for new clients accessing services.

I only wish I had found out about these services sooner!”

Rory Nicol

Clinical director of The Dot Canada: Counselling for Canadians

“Sharon has helped me countless times as a private practice owner, and now I have one of her employees assisting me with my growing therapy clinic.

She understands both what therapists are trying to say, and how to communicate that in a palatable way to potential clients.

As Sharon’s husband I know I may seem a bit biased, and I am, but I also know how much her and her employees care about the support they provide. It has been such a relief knowing that someone trustworthy is taking care of the administrative aspects of my therapy clinic.”

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