Providing Virtual
Assistant Services For
Mental Health

Welcome to Timely. The bespoke virtual assistant (VA) service exclusively for therapists like you.

Dear Therapists: Your Needs Matter Too

We understand your drive for helping others, but those countless administrative tasks can take up precious time in your day.

With Timely, you get to focus on making a positive impact and enjoying your life outside of work.

We take care of your paperwork.

Let a Timely VA reduce the mental load of running your private practice or clinic with no administrative support.

Avoid burnout, grow your business, and get time back in your day with your Canadian, therapy-informed virtual assistant.

Here's what your Canadian virtual assistant can provide

  1. Swift email responses – no more unopened mail anxiety.
  2. Prompt voicemail callbacks – ensuring every client query is addressed.
  3. Streamlined appointment scheduling – on Jane or Owl for seamless calendar management.
  4. Payment Processing and follow-ups on overdue invoices – financial management made easy.
  5. Updating and uploading new forms – always stay up to date.
  6. Onboarding new associates and interns – We will send your new hires their paperwork, schedule their first meeting with you, make a file and put all their relevant data inside.
  7. Efficient client intake Рfinding the right match for each  client and associate.
  8. Organize your inbox and online folders – say goodbye to digital clutter!

We Take The Stress Out Of Managing Your Private Practice, or Therapy Clinic

Imagine moments to breathe deeply, feeling more grounded, and energy to focus on the bigger picture. Say goodbye to overflowing inboxes, outstanding invoices, and unsigned consent forms.

Your therapist virtual assistant is here to help.

We provide mental health informed support, from email management, phone support, scheduling & billing, to smoothly navigating platforms like Jane App & Owl Practice.

Virtual Assistance For All Your Private Practice Needs From Metal Health-Informed, Canada Based Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistance Specifically For Counsellors

We provide virtual assistance support for one very specific demographic: Canadian Mental Health Professionals. That's it. We understand how group and private practices work and we only provide support for people in your profession. We've made mental health our sole focus for administrative support.

Business Consulting For Therapists

If you are trying to decide what step in business is right for you, Timely VA CEO Sharon Nicol is here to have a candid conversation with you about how life may look for you in different roles within your industry. There are many roads that a therapist can walk, the goal is to make sure that you pick the path that has the right pace for your life.

Supporting Your Counselling Practice Needs

Getting professional support for your administrative tasks just makes sense. Let Timely take care of the tasks that you can safely outsource, like booking, billing, and email management. With your administrative work taken care of, you can catch up on items you can't outsource, like clinical notes.

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Time With Timely VA Services?

If you’re ready for less stress, and more time to focus on what’s truly important: your clients, your business, and your life outside of being a therapist, then it’s time to fill out the contact form below.

You trained to be a therapist, not an administrator, and now, with your new virtual assistant, you can back to doing what you love, on your terms.

Ready To Book A Free Consultation? Tell Us About Your Private Therapy Practice Or Counselling Clinic Needs.