FAQ: How do I get started?

We start with a free consultation – usually about 30 minutes in length, so we can talk about your specific practice needs.

We work with therapists who are new to outsourcing all the time, and we understand how unnerving it can be to put your clients sensitive data in the hands of someone else! The onboarding and delegating of tasks can be done as slowly as needed to make sure you feel comfortable.

All Timely Staff members are employees. We believe that a deeper sense of responsibility, accountability, and reliability is cultivated with full employment.

All employees go through at least two interviews, have their references rigorously checked, and go through a working with vulnerable sectors police check before being hired.

You will have your own permanent virtual assistant. After a short while, they will feel as much a part of your team as any other member!

Each VA has their own VA “alternate”. Just how a mid-wife clinic works, both VA’s will know your processes, so that if your dedicated VA is ill, their alternate can hope into your account for seamless coverage.

We offer roll-over hours! So if you don’t use all your hours, you’ll have a few extra next month.

Payment is done up front, and we accept credit cards or e-transfer.

Therapy-Informed means that all employees that have direct contact with your clients have an education background in mental health and understand mental health at a deeper level than the average administrative assistant. Some employees have their BA in Psychology, we have a mature student working towards a Social Service Worker Degree, and the founder of Timely went through the Gestalt Institute’s 2-year mental health program.

No VA can do it all, and bookkeeping and accounting is out of our skill set. We are happy to connect you with a few VA’s that do offer these services though!

Absolutely! Interested in lower hours or higher? Please reach out , we are happy to try and find an arrangement that works best for you.

Have a question you don’t see here? Reach out and ask – we will get back to you in a timely manner.