Interested in joining a team where your voice and presence matter?

Solo VA life isn’t for everyone, and neither is the typical admin job! At Timely VA Services, we offer flexible hours, fair wages, all remote work, and this job is one where you know you’re making a real difference. Working with therapists is really one of the best jobs you can have, they are great communicators and also are pretty good at letting you know that you are appreciated!

Qualifications Needed

If you are someone with administrative experience, and educational background in mental health, and can pass a Vulnerable Sectors Check – reach out! Special consideration will be given to those with previous work experience Jane App or Owl Practice (as an administrator – not a patient).

We are also interested in anyone who is skilled at social media design and management – while also still having an educational background in mental health.

We encourage any applicant who makes it to the final round of interviews to speak with a current employee at Timely so that they can confirm that the working environment is one that they will enjoy.

We are always open to receiving resume, even when we aren’t actively hiring, so please, if you feel like you’d be a good fit for Timely VA Services – reach out with your resume to