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In the past, I have seen a therapist to get support in learning how to grow and change. I am a happier person today because of those sessions. I truly believe that anyone’s life can be improved by seeing a counsellor.

Hi, I’m Sharon Nicol. I’m the founder of Timely Virtual Assistant Services.

I started Timely VA Services because I saw a huge lack of skilled administrative support being offered in the Canadian Mental Health private practice sector, and I knew I could help.

Always, but especially right now, mental health counsellors play a vital role in the health care system. Unlike many other health care providers, most psychotherapists, social workers and counsellors are expected to do everything on their own. It is my mission to give you the support you need, while you support others on their healing journey.

Educating myself in understanding the motivations, emotional development, and neurosis of people has been a continuing passion of mine. I have a diploma with The Gestalt Institute of Toronto and am slowly working my way through a Bachelors’s with a major in Psychology and a minor in English at Wilfred Laurier University. I love trying to figure out why we, as people do the things we do.

Before I Worked In Copy Writing And Social Media Management, I Worked As A Stand-Up Comedian.

I went to Humber College and took the post-graduate Comedy Writing and Performance Program. I learned how to perform, develop scripts, write my own press releases and how to craft jokes. I love the art and skill of stand-up comedy, I always have. To be a good stand-up comedian you must understand people and how to tell a story in just a few words

When you connect with an audience and see them “get it”, that is pure joy.

Being Married To A Psychotherapist Who Now Runs His Own Therapy Clinic Has Helped Me To Understand All Of The Daily Challenges That Canadian Counsellors Face

My husband is a psychotherapist and when he began setting up his private practice, I saw first hand all the learning and extra hours outside of seeing clients he had to put in while building his business.

It was through helping him with his Psychology Today write-up and website copy that I was first approach by a colleague of his to lend a hand with some of her web copy. I have worked in social media management, administration, and copy writing for many years so working for her came naturally.

When I realized that my administration and social media skills along with my formal education in psychology could be helpful to those working in the field of mental health, I knew it was time to start working as a virtual assistant in a more official way.

Are You Ready For More Clients And Less Time Sitting In Front Of The Computer?

Meet My Amazing Employees

My business continues to grow since I began it in 2020 and I am adding a growing number of brilliantly minded Canadian administrative assistants to my team!

Everyone at Timely Virtual Assistant Services brings different skills to the table but one thing they all have in common is either extensive experience working in the mental health administration field, or an educational background in psychology and mental health. They all have a working knowledge of Jane App and Owl Practice and I have personally trained them in how to provide affirming administrative support for therapists and their clients. Everyone on staff also has medical confidentiality training and SAFEtalk or another form of suicide prevention training.

We understand the importance of client confidentiality, know how to provide a gentle touch when working on accounts receivable, and will happily call back new clients who have reached out to you from your website or Psychology Today.

I can say with confidence that my employees care as much about supporting you with your private or group practices as I do. They get it, they see how hard you work and they want to give you some free time back into your day!

All employees are based in Ontario, Canada
Let us be the ones that sit at the desk working on accounts recievable. You can go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Let Us Use Our Skills So That You Can Use Yours

It’s my goal to continue to hire folks like me that have a working knowledge and an appreciation for the mental health care field. Therapists deserve informed assistance with their private practice, and shouldn’t have to spend hours training someone.

Along with ensuring I hire skilled assistants, everyone who works for Timely Virtual Assistant Services does so as a hired employee, and not a contractor (and are therefore covered under my liability insurance). They undergo an extensive work history assessment that includes passing a working with vulnerable people police check. I also provide my employees with a top of the line antivirus software and secure password keeping system.

You have worked very hard to become a therapist, the schooling, the tests, the ongoing training. Now your focus should be on using the skills that you have spent so much time to hone, not sifting through emails, scheduling social media posts and trying to figure out online advertising. Let us use the skills that we’ve been building for years to help you with your business. We can improve your online visibility and get you more clients. I love to create engaging social media content which is key to increasing interest in your private practice.

If you want more time for clients (and your personal life) and less time dealing with all the administrative challenges that come with running your private practice, then it is time to get a virtual administrator.

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