In the past, I have seen a therapist to get support in learning how to grow and change. I am a happier person today because of those sessions. I truly believe that anyone’s life can be improved by seeing a counsellor.

Hi, I’m Sharon Nicol. I’m the founder of Timely Virtual Assistant Service

Timely VA Services began because I saw a lack of skilled administrative support being offered for Canadian Mental Health Practioners, and I knew I could help.

As a therapist, you play a vital role in the health care system. Unlike many other providers, most psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, and counsellors are expected to do everything on their own. From the very start of Timely, it has been my mission to give you the help you deserve, while you’re supporting others on their healing journey.

As as someone who has both administrative experience and an education background in mental health, I found myself in a unique position to offer what I call “mental health informed administrative care”. I hung out my shingle and word about my services grew…fast. Within three months of starting Timely, I had a waitlist. Within six months in operation, I had a few employees!

Side Note: Before I Worked In Administration and Copywriting, I Worked As A Stand-Up Comedian.

When you connect with an audience and see them “get it”, that is pure joy.

I like to think that a part of why I get along so well with therapists is my sense of humour! For some reason, everything thinks you brilliant folks are always serious, when most of you are absolutely hilarious.

So yes, I used to do stand-up comedy, and no, I won’t tell you a joke when we have our consultation (and I promise never to ask you to give me free therapy). I went to Humber College and took the post-graduate Comedy Writing and Performance Program. I learned how to perform, develop scripts, write my own press releases and how to craft jokes. I love the art and skill of stand-up comedy, I always have. To be a good stand-up comedian you must understand people and how to tell a story in just a few words. As fun as it was though, doing stand-up just didn’t feel like a good long term choice for me.

I Went From Being a Stand-Up Comedian to Working In SEO and Copywriting. I Also Married a Cute Psychotherapist Named Rory

Although I'm the former comedian, Rory is great at making me laugh.

Rory is a Registered Psychotherapist and when he began setting up his group practice, I saw firsthand all the learning and extra hours outside of seeing clients he had to put in while building his business.

It was through helping him that I was first approach by a colleague of his to lend a hand with some of her web copy and a few other tasks. I have worked in social media management, administration, and copy writing for many years so helping her came naturally.

I started to realize that my administrative and advertising skills, along with my formal education in Psychology and Gestalt Therapy were quite helpful to therapists. Soon after I began Timely Virtual Assistant Services

Are You Ready For More Clients And Less Time Sitting In Front Of The Computer?

Then Came My Amazing Employees

As Timely VA Services began to grow, so did my team of brilliant, therapy informed employees.

I pride myself in being the kind of employer that I would want to have. We collaborate together, give support and hold space when a stressful day happens, and of course celebrate the heck out of Administrative Professionals Day!

I specifically hire each and every employee based on one basic personality trait: kindness. Because if there’s one thing that every therapy client needs when they reach out for help, it’s a compassionate and caring human being responding to them.

From a credentials standpoint, these admin rock stars all have extensive experience working in the mental health administration field, or educational background in psychology and mental health.

Timely employees also have a working knowledge of Jane App and Owl Practice and I personally train them in how to provide personalized administrative support for therapists and their clients. Everyone on staff also has Canada specific medical confidentiality training and suicide prevention training.

Meet Melanie F.

Along with offering virtual administrative support for therapists, Melanie is also Timely’s office coordinator. She comes to our team with years of pre-pandemic remote work experience! Melanie has her BA in Psychology and has worked both in the service and medical administration industry.

What I love about Melanie is her warm sense of humour and her eagerness to learn and try new things!

Meet Kristina M.

Kristina is Timely’s on-boarding specialist, as well as being one of our most senior virtual assistants. With years of crisis line support experiences and being fluent in both French and English, Kristina is one of our most in-demand people. From an educational standpoint, Kristina has her BA in Psychology, Neuroscience and Mental Health. What I love about Kristina is her absolute rock solid ability to be calm under pressure, and the compassion and understanding she shows to all who cross her path.

Meet Alisha H.

Alisha H has been with Timely for closing on two years now and is another of our most senior virtual administrators. Prior to joining us at Timely, Alisha worked for Toronto’s public library system, and wow you should see her when she’s given a task that involved editing a spreadsheet or specialized form (a total wunderkind)!  Alisha has a BA in English and a minor in Psychology, and along with spreadsheets, she has a keen eye for editing and language in general (she knows a total of 4 different languages). What I love about Alisha is her curiosity, her talent as a teacher (she’s mentored my newer employees) and her wisdom in knowing when to ask for support, which, in the business of mental health, is a key skill to have.

Meet Kat V.


Kat V has been with Timely for several months now and has an almost preternatural gift for supporting therapy practices. Before joining Timely, she worked for a busy physiotherapy clinic in person. Currently, Kat is enrolled part time at McMaster University to pursue her Social Work degree. Her passion and curiosity for all things related to mental health is impressive (we chat a lot about the great books that have been published recently on somatic approaches). What I love about Kat is her ability to trust the process, with an acceptance that things will unfold as they should, as long as we do our part. She is someone who puts her whole heart into her work, which is something I truly appreciate.

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