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Providing Canadian Mental Health Professionals With Therapy-Informed Administrative Support

We Support You While You Care For Your Clients

Just like you’re there for your clients, it makes sense for you to have your own support system in place. Having a Timely Virtual Assistant means you’ll be able to have more of a work/life balance and potential to increase your cash flow.

 Let Timely take over the administrative chores that come with running your own private practice or clinic. By outsourcing the tasks that interrupt the flow of your day, there will be space to breathe, feel more grounded and time for you to think about the big picture for your business.

We Take The Stress Out Of Managing Your Private Practice, or Therapy Clinic

Do you have paperwork piling up? Are emails left in the inbox for days at a time? Worried about collecting on outstanding invoices? Are your credentials on Psychology Today still up to date?

We can help to organize your schedule, call back new inquiries, and check in on intern hours.

Tired of always feeling like you have something else left to do at the end of the day? With an assistant from Timely, you’ll finally have time to take a breath and fully relax.

Email Management

After a day of looking at a computer screen, having to spend another hour or two reading and responding to emails isn’t exactly enjoyable.

Timely employees have the magic touch when it comes to writing warm and clear emails to new and existing clients. Because we all have an educational background in mental health, we understand the sensitivity that clients need.

We know good communication is key and will always check in with you should something unusual pop into your inbox.

Telephone Support

When someone calls your clinic or private practice, it’s important to get back to them in a timely manner. This is especially important for new inquiries, as often they are calling multiple therapists to find the counselling support they need.

Having someone who is checking your voicemail daily, or even multiple times a day can increase how many new clients you’re able to book. We also call back new Psychology Today inquiries, and follow up with an email, which results in more new clients than just email alone.

Scheduling & Billing Support

Do you have overdue invoices from multiple clients? Worried that bringing it up in session will impact your therapeutic relationship? Timely can help.

We know how to compassionately engage with clients over scheduling, late payments and other concerns. We are happy to work with  your clients on payment plans, talk to them about updating their credit card on file, or rescheduling appointments, all while ensuring they feel supported and cared for.

We Know Jane App & Owl Practice

All of the virtual assistants at Timely Virtual Assistant Services are trained and experienced with using Jane App and Owl Practice.  Need help transitioning from one CMS to Jane or Owl? We are happy to assist.

Our Virtual Assistants Have Medical Privacy Training

Confidentiality is key in mental health, and that’s why all employees at Timely Virtual Assistant Services are provided with Canada specific medical confidentiality training. We also all live in Canada, use anti-virus software on our computers and have additional training in house to learn how to navigate unique situations.


We Know Your Project Management Software

Do you use:

  • ClickUp
  • Asana
  • Trello

If one of these systems helps your clinic keep on top of tasks, or manage your associates, we know your management software! Your Timely virtual assistant knows how to navigate and assist you with these systems.

Live Call Answering

Interested in live call answering?

 Timely is now be offering live call answering services. We have partnered with another Ontario-based collective whose focus is on high quality and bespoke call-answering services.

We do the legwork to ensure that the person answering your phone understands the nuances around your specific therapy practice or clinic.

Virtual Assistance For All Your Private Practice Needs From Metal Health-Informed, Canada Based Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistance Specifically For Counsellors

We provide virtual assistance support for one very specific demographic: Canadian Mental Health Professionals. That's it. We understand how group and private practices work and we only provide support for people in your profession.

Managing Your Therapy Practice Needs

Let us take care of the tasks that you can safely outsource, like booking, billing, and email management so you can catch up on items you can't outsource, like client notes.


From Our Clients

Heidi updated 2
Timely Virtual Assistant Service’s business approach is professional, organization, extremely efficient. Sharon also has great writing skills and knowledge about Online Therapy Practices which helps writing that really speaks to potential clients. As a group practice owner, I’ve also benefited from her supporting me with my associate onboarding process for new therapists as well as helping with an assessment of my processes for new clients accessing services. I only wish I had found out about these services sooner!”
Heidi Sturgeon
Founder of Heidi Sturgeon & Associates
“Sharon Nicol has been instrumental in managing both my private therapy practice and my popular writing courses over the past two years. Supportive, creative and astute, Sharon is an enviable talent and a gifted communicator, she is essential to my business life.”
Ann Dowsett Johnston
Best-Selling Author & Social Worker
Sabine Fischer
I'm more than satisfied with the support that I get with Timely Virtual Assistant Services. All team members are very responsive and proactive. Not only is my day-to-day life as a counselling clinic much easier, but I also now feel confident going on vacation, knowing my group practice is in good hands!"
Integra Skills Counselling

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