Virtual Assistant Services For Counsellors, So You Can Get Back To Enjoying Life

Providing Canadian Mental Health Professionals With Administrative, Social Media & Copywriting Support

Help Your Clients And Yourself

While you are busy supporting clients with improving their lives, a virtual assistant can lend a hand in elevating your work/life balance. You became a therapist to work with people, to make a positive impact.

You didn’t get into the mental health field for all the administrative chores that come with running your own private practice or clinic. By outsourcing those tasks that interrupt the flow of your day, there will be the space to breathe and come back to yourself.

A well rested counsellor is more present and can offer better support to the people they are seeing, which helps to retain long-term clients. After hiring the right virtual assistant, you can add to your income while subtracting hours from your workday. You’ll attract the kind of clients best suited to your skills, and enjoy your day more, in and outside of your workspace.

Let's Take The Stress Out Of Managing Your Therapy Practice

As therapists continue to adapt and change, with so many clients needing support, it’s understandable if paperwork has been piling up. Are you having trouble keeping track of client notes? Tired of postponing trying to collect on outstanding invoices? Feeling behind with responding to new client emails? Are your credentials on Psychology Today out of date?

If this sounds like you, it’s time to delegate and have your virtual assistant organize your schedule, set reminders to pay your liability insurance, check and mark your client attendance, and stay on top of associates paperwork (if you run a clinic).

Instead of always feeling like you have something else left to do at the end of the day you’ll get to just shut your computer down and go for a walk with a friend, catch up on a TV show, or simply sit outside and watch the sunset.

Social Media Management

Ready to grow your followers? Excited to start sharing engaging, original, and informative social media posts? An active social media presence shows potential clients you care enough to engage and connect.

We create personalized social media content calendars with daily themes that connect with your own specific therapy style. Your Facebook and Instagram posts and stories are all specially designed to be informational and interesting for current and potential clients. With the right focus, your social media pages will begin have a natural and consistent growth.

Website Content Creation

When potential clients come to your website, they need to understand immediately how you work and why you are the best counsellor for them. The right web copy can attract the clients you are best trained to help.

We ensure that your website has the necessary ingredients for success. Sharon Nicol, the owner of Timely Virtual Assistant Services does all of the copywriting herself and has an educational background in psychotherapy along with over 10 years of experience in copy writing for websites.

Beyond standard website copy we offer ghost writing services for articles and blog posts. Are you in the middle of creating your own website from the ground up? Outsource that content writing. We especially love writing therapist bio pages! If trying to fill a website with words is taking too much time, let us take it off your hands.

Administrative Support

Email screening, calendar management, checking voicemails and calling back potential or current clients. All of these items are time sensitive and can pile up quickly. Why not have your therapy-informed virtual assistant sift through your inbox, voicemails, and booking calendar for you? Need a new client form created in Owl? We can help.

Tired of having to take the time to train a new VA on your client management system? We’re already trained! The virtual assistants at Timely Virtual Assistant Services all Jane App, Owl Practice, or both!

Privacy concerns? We are happy to create a personalized email and edit your existing consent form to notify clients that you now have administrative support. 

Virtual Assistance For All Your Private Practice Needs From Therapy Informed, Canada Based Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistance Specifically For Counsellors

We provide virtual assistance support for one very specific demographic: Mental health professionals. That's it, we understand how group and private practices work and we only provide support for people in this profession.

Monthly, Weekly, Or Daily Support

Whether you're just looking for a monthly social media calendar, weekly online ads management, or daily support for your busy counselling clinic, we have your options covered.

Managing Your Private Practice Needs

Let us take care of the tasks that you can safely outsource, like advertising and website management so you can catch up on items you cannot outsource, like client notes.

From My Clients

Heidi updated 2
Timely Virtual Assistant Service’s business approach is professional, organization, extremely efficient. Sharon also has great writing skills and knowledge about Online Therapy Practices which helps writing that really speaks to potential clients. As a group practice owner, I’ve also benefited from her supporting me with my associate onboarding process for new therapists as well as helping with an assessment of my processes for new clients accessing services. I only wish I had found out about these services sooner!”
Heidi Sturgeon
Founder of Heidi Sturgeon & Associates
Timely Virtual Assistant Services took the stress of updating the contents off my website off my shoulders. Sharon rewrote and updated each page in a way that was succinct and still felt authentic to my therapeutic approach and personality.
Maryanne Nichols
RP, Ontario
“Sharon has helped me countless times as a private practice owner, and now I have one of her employees assisting me with my growing therapy clinic. She understands both what therapists are trying to say, and how to communicate that in a palatable way to potential clients. As Sharon’s husband I know I may seem a bit biased, and I am, but I also know how much her and her employees care about the support they provide. It has been such a relief knowing that someone trustworthy is taking care of the administrative aspects of my therapy clinic.”
Rory Nicol
The Dot Canada: Counselling for Canadians

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